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Jeger Perle

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Jeger Perle is a furniture paint that is characterized by high gloss and a unique pearl finish effect. It effectively helps give painted objects a delicate, really beautiful glow and makes them take on their class. It is ideal for furniture renovation. Thanks to it, you can also renew any so-far ordinary and inconspicuous, decorative elements of any interior, as well as everyday objects. Each of the eight shades available will also be perfect for painting wainscot. Jeger Perle is a washable, easy-to-use paint for use on various surfaces. It can easily be used on already existing coatings, there is no need to remove previous paints. Jeger Perle furniture paint also does not require additional priming before applying it.

The product is available in a 0.5 liter container. One container suffices to paint an area of about 5 m2. A drying time should not be longer than 2 hours. Before applying, please read the user instruction.