Jeger Stars Light

69,00 zł


Highly resistant, providing perfect coverage, rinseable, decorative paint for walls and ceilings shining with millions of subtle lights.

  • 2 L

The twinkle effect intensifies with spot or intensive light. The paint is suitable for painting walls and ceilings inside the premises. It can be applied onto all the typical surfaces, such as: mineral stuccos and plasters, plasterboards, textured wallpapers, wooden surfaces, wood-based ones etc.

2 l - Efficiency +- 15 m²

Preparation of the surface for painting: The surface must be durable, clean, dry, dust- and grease-free. New, never painted before surfaces should be primered with Jeger Primer for decorative paints in order to even the surface absorbency and improve the adhesion of the paint.

Directions for use: Before proceeding to the painting, carefully stir the paint and next add the contents of the glitter bag and mix carefully in order to spread the glitter over the entire paint volume. Do not use any high-speed mixers. Apply the paint generously and spread carefully and evenly by means of a roller or paintbrush. The optimal painting temperature: from +5°C to +25°C. Finish the painting of each fragment moving the roller in the same direction. During the painting of the surface, refrain from taking breaks from work and corrections on semi-dry surface. Do not perform spot corrections after the paint has dried. Any potential second layer can be applied after about 3-4h. The surface reaches full resistance to washing and scrubbing after 28 days from the painting. At the end of the works, wash the tools with water.

Important: Plan the painting in such a way that the paint is used up within 24 hours at the latest. The more time passes from adding the glitter, the less visible the effect may be.

Spreading rate +- 15 m²
Color 6 shades
Wydajność mkw 7,5

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