Metal metallic paint

79,50 zł


Jeger Metal is an indoor decorative effect, imparting a metallic sheen to the walls imitating scratched sheet or rivetted metal plates.

Spreading rate per packaging: 0.5 l = ±8 m²
  • 125 ml
  • 450 ml

Jeger Metal is a furniture paint that forms a durable, metallizing coating on the surface of furniture. In this way it perfectly imitates metal plates or so-called scratched metal sheet. This metallizing effect for furniture is a great solution for people who want to give the interiors an industrial and modern character. The extraordinary effect of Jeger Meral furniture paint is ideal for both apartments and commercial premises, e.g. offices. It is worth noting that this product can be used not only on wood. Jeger Metal can be used for renovating furniture and decorative elements made of metal, ceramics, glass and even plastic. Thanks to its wide range of applications and its availability of up to five shades, Jeger Metal furniture paint is an ideal choice wherever uniqueness and style matter.

A product container with a volume of 0.45 l is sufficient to paint an area of 5 m2. The drying time is 4 hours. Before using Jeger Metal it is necessary to read the user instruction.

Intended use indoors
Surface walls
Decoration metallic
Spreading rate ± 8 m² per 0,5 l packaging
Drying time +- 4 h
Color 4 shades
Wydajność mkw 17

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